Earned Sick and Safe Days

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A Coalition of 32 Organizations Are Working on Paid Sick Days in Tucson

The American Association of University Women is committed to promoting the economic, social, and physical well-being of all persons. AAUW works toward greater availability and access to a high standard of benefits and policies that promote work-life balance, including accrued, paid sick days. For the 44 million Americans without paid sick days

Paid Sick Days

  1.  A decision to stay home to care for a sick child or family member could jeopardize their jobs or family income. AAUW has long supported flexible workplace policies to address the family responsibilities of employees. Without sick days, employees often come to work ill, decreasing productivity and infecting co-workers. Impact on Working Americans About 40 percent of private-sector employees do not have paid sick days.
  2. Low-wage workers are especially hard hit, with 70 percent receiving no paid sick days.
  3. These low-wage workers often must go to work sick and contagious in industries that endanger public health such as food service.

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