List of Branch Special Projects

PrescottJanuary 2011$1000
AAUW Centennial Scholarship
The branch established a fund at the Yavapai College Foundation to provide scholarships for women and girls.
FlagstaffJanuary 2011$1000
Helping Women Succeed: Better Childcare in Flagstaff
The branch held a bazaar for working mothers and mothers attending community college or university. Those presenting were certified caregivers and local support organizations.
ScottsdaleJanuary 2011$1000
Celebrating Arizona Women
The branch partnered with Scottsdale Community College to present a production whose purpose was “to bring to light the impact of women on Arizona’s early development and to foster appreciation of the diversity and excellence of women’s roles in Arizona today.”
West ValleyMay 2011$1400
ASU Osher Course on Women
The branch partnered with ASU OLLI to present two sessions “Female Sex Slavery in Life, Literature and Film” and “The Making of Man (and Woman!) In the Television Age” with the goal of bringing knowledge of women and their roles in culture to the over 50 retired population.
PrescottMay 2011$698.37
Arizona Centennial Activities
The branch wrote and performed a history of Prescott for the community.
Casas Adobe, Green Valley, and TucsonNovember 2011$89.49
Celebrate Women and the Arizona Centennial
The branches, in conjunction with the centennial, wanted to educate communities in southern Arizona of women’s contributions in the shaping of the state in the areas of culture, business, education and politics. This was accomplished through speakers, displays of notable women, museum dresses of women around the turn of the century.
ScottsdaleNovember 2011$208
Showcase Miss Representation: Dispelling Gender Stereotypes
The branch purchased the film “Miss Representation” to be shown at a series of Scottsdale events and to be available to other AAUW branches.
Southeast ValleyJune 2012$550.34
Meeting and Interacting with Women in Science, Technology and Engineering
The branch organized presentations to students in a local elementary school lab for hands-on-workshops by seven female presenters from a variety of STEM fields.
ScottsdaleJune 2012$274.09
Girls Bullying Girls: What Can AAUW Do?
The branch sponsored a program to address bullying featuring a psychologist working on bullying response programs.
PrescottJune 2012$1200
Parenting Classes to Women in Recovery
The branch sponsored classes for women who are in recovery and/or victims of domestic violence. These classes provided skills for parenting children 0-18, as well as instruction for literacy development and anti-bullying skills.
Green ValleyJanuary 2013$875.82
Expanding Your Horizons
The branch sponsored a STEM Conference for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade girls with presenters doing hands-on workshops.
PrescottJune 2013$700
Anti-Bullying Outreach Event
The branch organized a two day event to include a screening of the movie “Bully” and several school and community presentations to bring increased awareness and education regarding all kinds of bullying behaviors. The movie is available for use by branches.
SE ValleyJune 2013$1513.55
Branch 25th Anniversary: Celebration of AAUW in Southeast Valley
The branch’s goal was to promote AAUW’s mission and contribution to education within their surrounding communities. Included was a panel focusing on current education challenges and AAUW solutions, as well as a display of branch achievements, past and present.
Northwest ValleySeptember 2013$461.71
From Suffragists to Senators – Film Series and Discussion
The branch in conjunction with other organizations sponsored a series of three films followed by guided small group discussions.
Green ValleyJanuary 2014$600
Expanding Your Horizons
The branch in collaboration with the U of AZ Women in Science and Engineering and Freeport MacMoran sponsored a STEM Conference for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade girls with presenters doing hands-on workshops.
Northwest ValleyOctober 2014$550.19
A Taste of Success – Sundown Style: Creating Self Awareness and Confidence
Branch members met with female high school seniors enrolled in an Alternative Education Program with the goal to improve self esteem with an eye to their future after graduation. This mentoring effort was accomplished through speakers and small group discussions.
Northwest ValleyApril 2015$1800
STEM Initiatives in a K-8 Public School
The branch, with an active STEM committee, requested funding for a group of girls to attend a STEM camp at ASU – “Engineering Adventure Program: Renewable Energy Geared for Girls.”
PrescottApril 2016$250
Tech Savvy Day
The branch held a series of STEM workshops in conjunction with Yavapai College and support from a national AAUW Tech Savvy Grant for local 7th and 8th grade girls.
Northwest ValleySeptember 2016$495.30
College Connection Team: Supporting Success of Female College Students
In conjunction with Glendale and Estrella Mountain Community Colleges, Northwest Valley members assisted in a Fair Pay Day “Unhappy Hour” event to promote and educate students and the wider community about the need for Equal Pay for Equal Work.