Work Smart Programs Coming to Tempe, AZ

The City of Tempe Presents First of Seven Work Smart Programs

Location, Dates, and Times for Work Smart Programs

December 7, 2016  from AAUW AZ President Shirley Talley

Equality in the workplace is still out of reach for most women employees. One of the major reasons for this is that women lack negotiating skills when it comes to asking for a raise. AAUW is making a nationwide attempt to correct this inequity by partnering with several cities in presenting the AAUW Work Smart program.
Tempe, Arizona is among the first of the cities to begin a comprehensive schedule of workshops. This is the result of a lot of relationship building on the part of Scottsdale branch member, Jean Johnson and many others, both locally and at the national offices of AAUW.
The first workshop took place on Dec. 7th, with Tempe employees trained as the facilitators. These women were very enthusiastic and really conveyed the Work Smart message well. There were about 20 women of all ages in attendance and it was extremely well received. Many attendees are currently students working part-time, looking to begin their careers soon. It was very exciting to see these women recognize their worth and practice their new skills with one another.
We hope that our AAUW members statewide will support this early effort by sharing the flyer listing the dates of future workshops. Any woman working or living in Tempe is eligible to register and attend. Perhaps you have friends or know students in Tempe that can benefit from this workshop. Please see the flyer and the letter from Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell. We are extremely hopeful that this will be just the beginning of a statewide movement of women earning equal pay for equal work.