A Resolution on School Choice

The concept of school choice:

  1. Provides parents with input and decision making regarding their individual child’s education.
  1. Provides hope for all Arizona children to receive a quality and equitable education.

However, the concept of school choice has created inequities such as:

  1. Promotes greater segregation of schools which betrays our constitutional rights.
  2. Diverts state monies into private, charter and parochial schools which is  undermining the delivery of equitable education to all students.
  1. Shortchanges district public schools and educators leading to a loss of educational equity for those remaining in district public schools.
  1. Eliminates accountability because private, parochial and charter schools do not adhere to the same regulations and oversight required of district schools which has led to vast differences in administration costs and exploitation by for-profit entities.

In short, the result of Arizona’s form of school choice has resulted in mechanisms
to funnel money from taxpayers to profits for private individuals and companies. 

Therefore, AAUW of Arizona strongly opposes school choice as enacted in Arizona and supports a strong system of public education that promotes gender fairness, equity, and diversity.  AAUW advocates adequate and equitable funding for quality public education for all students.  We, furthermore call for complete fiscal and academic transparency for and by all entities which provide educational services in the state and which receive public monies or the diverted public monies from taxable revenue (i.e. tax credits). 

See the accompanying paper, “School Choice and Educational Equity for All Arizona Youth”, written by Joye Kohl, NW Valley Branch member to provide background and in support of the resolution. 

Click here for printable version of the School Choice Resolution