From Jeanne Clarke, Vice President for Programs

The Fall Forum is always a special event, and we want to continue the tradition. Public Policy Chair Harriet Young and I need a Program Committee to plan an exciting and interesting meeting. We don’t have the precise date yet, but it is usually in early November. Also, the venue is being considered; perhaps we will have it in Prescott this year although Scottsdale Community College is also an option.

Our initial brainstorming concludes that we might have two sessions as we have done in the past. One could focus on the “new” Affordable Care Act, who will be left out of the health care system, and what AAUW can do about it. A second session would focus on civil discourse and reconciliation.  The Flagstaff Affiliate is doing important work on this critical topic, so we might want to continue their efforts in “Turning Down the Political Temperature.”

These are only initial ideas, however.  Please volunteer to be on the Planning Committee and help us plan another important event.  Contact either Jeanne or Harriet to come on board! See their contact information below.

Jeanne Clarke  email:  or
Harriet Young  email: