AAUW Arizona Members Visit AAUW Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Jane Adrian, Past President AAUW Arizona, and Viva Ashcroft, President AAUW Scottsdale,  visited the new AAUW offices on L Street, just five blocks from Pennsylvania Avenue and the National Mall on April 24, 2017. Suzanne Gould, AAUW archivist and historian, met us in the open spaces and modern décor of the lobby. Suzanne enthusiastically directed our attention to the display cases housing artifacts and documents from the founding in 1881 and to electronic panels that catalogued and honored the past presidents. Historical photographs that recorded the activities of the women and their supporters who built the organization to help other women attend college and engage in professional careers are strategically placed throughout the halls of the offices. While each picture is a story in and of itself, Suzanne’s knowledgeable, and at time emotional rendition of the significance of each photo proved the special gift.

We were fortunate to meet up with Lisa Maatz, Vice President Government Relations and her devoted staff. Elizabeth Holden, Grassroots Advocacy Manager and Pamela Yuen certainly recognized Arizona leadership and work with issues of Fair Pay and advocacy for public education. Kate Nielson, the State Policy Analyst, was especially helpful to Harriet Young, Arizona Public Policy Chair, this past 2017 session of the Arizona Legislature. Kate and Harriet created an Action Alert to ask that Senate President Yarbrough recuse himself from voting on Empowerment Vouchers, due to his economic interests in charter schools.

We also met with Cordy Galligan, Vice President Marketing and Communication.
The AAUW offices are beautiful and the staff were welcoming and seemed delighted we had stopped by. What a great afternoon!

submitted by Viva Ashcroft