Branch Special Projects

AAUW Arizona has accumulated substantial funds over the past several years. Some of these funds are being made available to branches to encourage special projects which reflect and support the mission of AAUW. These support monies are in addition to and separate from the Community Action Grants. There is no limitation on the number of Branch Special Project applications that may be submitted for approval.

These mission based programs must support women or girls in the areas of equity, education, advocacy, equal pay, or equal opportunity in the work place. They must address outreach, education or mentoring activities and may additionally benefit the community in other ways. Special consideration may be given to programs or events that make AAUW known in the community. National AAUW has some Programs In A Box that could qualify for such support monies.

Applications (see application form in right sidebar) are to be sent to the Branch Special Projects Chair and AAUW-AZ Board members at least two weeks prior to a board meeting. Board meetings are held in September,  January, and April.  Applications will be discussed at each of the state board meetings, and branches will be notified of either acceptance or rejection within ten days of the board meeting. See AAUW-AZ Policies for further information.